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Standards of Achievement

Ensuring each and every child reaches their full potential during their time at Richard Coates is fundamental to all we do. Our curriculum is carefully designed to ensure the essential balance between learning key skills and developing a breadth of knowledge and experiences that enables our pupils to develop into confident and successful young adults.

We constantly measure and assess how well our pupils are progressing individually, as well as tracking them in groups to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, gender, ability or disability, achieve well during their time with us. Our tracking system allows us to identify any issues early and intervene with additional support when appropriate.

We often have children transferring to us in Year 5 from up to thirteen different primary and feeder schools. We therefore have well-developed and moderated baseline assessments in place so we can quickly identify strengths and areas to develop. Baseline assessments are used, alongside any data we receive from feeder schools, to set individual and group targets, and to help us to plan appropriately for challenge.

Whilst published data for Key Stage 2 SATS can be a useful tool to measure achievement, because we are a middle school it does not demonstrate the full picture of attainment or progress for pupils at Richard Coates. To develop a full understanding we measure progress from entry in Year 5 to exit in Year 8 and use the Key Stage 2 SATs as our mid-school assessment.

Currently we measure progress in points based upon National Curriculum Levels. In order to measure how well groups of children are performing in school we calculate the average points score (APS). Expected APS gains across an academic year is 3 points, which correlates to 12 points over four years. In all year groups pupils at Richard Coates make above average progress. We are very proud of the high levels of progress pupils make during the course of the school, leaving Year 8 with exceptional progress gains.

Our judgements and assessments are rigorously moderated and verified by a range of visitors, including Ofsted inspectors, Local Authority advisors and the School Improvement Partner.

From September 2015 a new assessment and tracking system will be implemented called “Learning Ladders”. Pupil progress will still be tracked using a numerical points system.

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