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Religious Education 2017-18

Religious Education in our school explores two main strands of attainment; learning about religion and learning from religion. Religious Education in our school is about respect, tolerance and understanding and exploring the phenomenon of faith. We follow the official Illuminating Pathways curriculum and explore RE in a thoughtful, challenging and engaging way.

Our Religious Education curriculum maintains a balanced approach of Learning about Religion (Attainment Target 1) and Learning from Religion (Attainment Target 2).

This is expressed distinctively as

Learning about Religion

We learn about

  • God who reveals the truth about himself and humanity through creation, the giving of the law, his action in history and through the prophets;
  • God who reveals himself ultimately in Jesus his Son, living among us and dying and rising for us;
  • God who reveals himself in his Spirit working in the living faith of the Church experienced through scripture, tradition and reason.

Learning from Religion

We learn from

  • an empathetic response to the Christian faith and a critical engagement with it;
  • responding personally to the stories and teachings of Jesus Christ;
  • Examples of Christian living which give priority to the values of unconditional love, forgiveness, reconciliation, justice, compassion and faith.

Year 5

Pupils begin by exploring the meaning and purpose of RE and how it connects with other areas of the curriculum and wider school life.  We move on to looking at why Christians call Jesus the light of the world and explore why this is especially meaningful at Christmas. The curriculum moves on to looking closer at the Bible, how people show care for others and then investigates Buddhist beliefs and practices and how these are expressed.

Year 6

Year 6 RE begins with a study entitled ‘Where do we look for God?’ and then moves on to looking at the birth of Jesus, how this is presented in the gospels and what the similarities and differences are.  After this challenging unit pupils move on to comparing and contrasting Christian and Hindu worship and are given the opportunity to visit our local church, St Mary’s and the ISKCON temple in Newcastle. Year 6 then go on to investigate the Eucharist, why Easter is so important to Christians and how life can resemble a journey. Pupils are engaged using drama, art and a variety of learning styles in order to answer big questions and gain value and enjoyment from their RE lessons.

Year 7

Year 7 begin to tackle tricky theological questions such as ‘what happens when faith and courage collide?’, ‘Where do people go to find affirmation of faith?’ and then go on to explore how religion is expressed through art and architecture. Pupils in Year 7 develop an understanding of enquiry based learning and begin to answer as well as ask deep thinking questions. Pupils are encouraged to use religious vocabulary with accuracy and compare and contrast the way religions express themselves through prayer.

Year 8

Pupils begin Year 8 with a study on ‘Can God be found?’ and continue to develop a highly technical religious vocabulary, discussing atheism, theism and agnosticism.  We move on to exploring inspirational key figures in Christianity and cumulate in them creating a piece of work on their own inspirational person in their lives. Pupils go on to explore the key learning question ‘Is it fair?’ and then begin their in depth study of the Holocaust. Pupils are challenged to ask though provoking questions and explore the idea of Holocaust remembrance and the lasting effects of the Holocaust on society today.  Pupils are all given the opportunity to go on the Year 8 Amsterdam trip which focuses on the key areas of study covered during our Holocaust topic.

Religious Extremism
RE Curriculum 2017-18

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