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Art 2017-18

Year 5 

Art work begins in Year 5, by examining the origins of art and children produce their own ‘paints.’ This leads to a formal look at colour mixing and this, combined with observational drawing and creative ideas, culminates in the use of paint to produce an original ‘fantastic creature.’ In line with their studies of Egyptians, children examine the importance of cats to this culture and produce drawings of these from photos and models. They then use these to produce a clay model of a cat. Pupils go on to study the work of Picasso, investigate body shapes and create a piece of work in a ‘cubist’ style. In the final term, children look at how to complete and use field-sketches and the tricks of perspective.

Year 6 

Art work in the first term is linked to The Tudors. Pupils investigate the role of the portrait artist and study a selection of Tudor portraits. Focus is on developing the ‘reading’ of visual stimuli. Skills and knowledge are then used to produce a paint/collage self-portrait. Children develop their observational drawing skills and begin to examine ‘character’, through the work of photographer Karl Blossfeldt. Pupils go on to study the work of Marc Chagall and produce an original composition based on the theme of ‘Dreams.’

Year 7

In the first term, children develop their painting skills and examine matching tecnique to intention. Their colour knowledge is also developed through a project on ‘Flowers and Foliage.’ These skills are used during the next topic, in which they produce an abstract painting entitled ‘Fear.’ Finally, children look at the work of Henri Rousseau and the craftsman William Morris, and use printing skills to design and produce a repeated pattern.

Year 8

In Year 8, the first topic looks at still life drawing. Children refine their observational drawing skills and use of chalk pastels. Following this is a 3D clay project, based on the work of Henry Moore. Using Moore’s influence and pencil studies, children design and create a 3D maquette which fits the title, ‘Protectors.’ In the final term, children reflect on their past, present and future at this crucial transition point, and use these reflections to produce an abstract self-portrait.

Long Term Overview

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